Stepmom Test: are you sabotaging yourself by never saying no?

91% of 688 stepmoms are chronic people pleasers.

A Stepmom who knows how to say no and set boundaries are:

  • Happier
  • Appreciated
  • More grateful

Take the test…


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1.I avoid speaking up when I disagree with something my husband or stepchildren are doing. *
2.I smile even when I’m unhappy. Or I laugh when I’m mad or sad. *
3.I dread conflict and do everything I can to avoid it. *
4.I feel selfish when I put myself first. *
5.I regularly allow others to do or say things that make me uncomfortable. *
6.I’m a chameleon. I like what you like. I’ll do what you want. *
7.I’ll sacrifice my happiness to make my partner or stepkids happy. *
8.I’m very sensitive to criticism. Even when it’s well intended. *
9.I criticize and put myself down to beat others to the punch. *
10.I get upset when I discover someone doesn’t like me. *
11.Even when I have good ideas, I’m unlikely to take the lead. *
12.I obsess about decisions and worry about how my partner, ex or stepkids will react to it. *
13.I’m overjoyed when I discover the ex or stepkids said something nice about me. *
14.I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, even when they have a pattern of being manipulative. *
15.I feel anxious after I say no. *