What’s your parenting style?

We all have a parenting style we defer to. Our default parenting style is typically a result of our childhood and our personality preferences.

Much of the conflict in stepfamilies is a result of differing parenting styles. Complete this assessment to gain an understanding of each other’s parenting styles and let this drive the discussion on the how you want your children to be raised.

Keep in mind, a stepparent may have one parenting style when it comes to raising their kids, and another when raising their stepchildren.

If you’re a stepparent, consider completing this assessment once with the perspective as a birth parent, and another with the perspective of a stepparent to identify your different styles.

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1.We have planned bedtimes and clear expectations around house rules. *
2.My kids know what to expect if they break house rules, and I follow through on those consequences. *
3.I have age appropriate expectations for my kids behavior and they are aware of these expectations. *
4.My child routinely shares his or her feelings and experiences with me. I prioritize connection over correction, but will follow up with correction as needed. *
5.I make every effort to care for my child, emotionally, physically and otherwise. *
6.I have a good understanding of what’s going in my child’s life *
7.When my child shares their thoughts and experiences, I listen without judgement. I show interest by asking questions. *
8.During my time with child, I spent a lot of time away from him/her or leave her in the care of others. *
9.I know it’s not ideal to be gone from my child so much, but I have good excuses for it. *
10.I know my child’s friends, teachers and other influencers in his/her life. *
11.I’m a part of my child’s life outside of the home. Such as volunteering at school, or attending games and extracurricular activities. *
12.I often compromise on rules and expectations if my child is in a bad mood. *
13.I avoid conflict with my child because we don’t have a lot of time together, or because I’m afraid he/she won’t want to visit. *
14.I am more like a friend, than a parent to my child. *
15.I frequently bribe my child with big rewards *
16.I’m strict and expect my rules to be followed at all times. *
17.“Because I said so” is a frequent explanation when my child questions my rules. *
18.I make most/all of the choices and decisions for my child. *
19.I often threaten punishment to get my child to cooperate. *
20.I’m not affectionate or warm to my child. *

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