Take the test: Do you have the 1 skill required to influence your husband?

Unless you’re hard of hearing, listening shouldn’t be a problem, right? Wrong. The person who is naturally a good listener is very rare.

Research shows practicing active listening is more effective when influencing than talking is.

Struggling to influence others? Take the test and identify how you can become more influential.

Good luck!

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My intent is to serve you, my fellow stepmom, and offer you the support and education I desperately wished for when I became stepmom 10 years ago.

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1.I often multi-task while talking with others. *
2.When a loved one is hurting, I am good at reminding them how much worse it could be. *
3.I worry about what I’ll say next. I don’t want to say the wrong thing. *
4.When my partner is upset with something I said or did, I feel like I’m to blame for upsetting him. *
5.When the other person is at a loss for words, I’m good at making suggestions. *
6.When I want to talk to my stepchildren about something that’s bothering them, we sit down for a face to face conversation. *
7.When I need more details, I ask open ended questions, instead of yes or no questions. *
8.I influence others by playing devil’s advocate. *
9.I influence others by asking leading questions to get them to agree with me. *
10.When someone is talking to me, I nod my head and mirror them. *

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