What’s your parenting style?

We all have a parenting style we defer to. Our default parenting style is typically a result of our childhood and our personality preferences.

Much of the conflict in stepfamilies is a result of differing parenting styles. Complete this assessment to gain an understanding of each other’s parenting styles and let this drive the discussion on the how you want your children to be raised.

Keep in mind, a stepparent may have one parenting style when it comes to raising their kids, and another when raising their stepchildren.

If you’re a stepparent, consider completing this assessment once with the perspective as a birth parent, and another with the perspective of a stepparent to identify your different styles.

Take the test: Do you have the 1 skill required to influence your husband?

Unless you’re hard of hearing, listening shouldn’t be a problem, right? Wrong. The person who is naturally a good listener is very rare.

Research shows practicing active listening is more effective when influencing than talking is.

Struggling to influence others? Take the test and identify how you can become more influential.

Good luck!

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My intent is to serve you, my fellow stepmom, and offer you the support and education I desperately wished for when I became stepmom 10 years ago.

Stepmom Test: are you sabotaging yourself by never saying no?

91% of 688 stepmoms are chronic people pleasers.

A Stepmom who knows how to say no and set boundaries are:

  • Happier
  • Appreciated
  • More grateful

Take the test…