Stepmoms, learn how 2 shift in perspective can make you happier stepmom.

Be a happier Stepmom with 1 change in perspective

How to be a happier stepmom with one tiny change in perspective.

Take the test: could you be more influential by becoming a better listener?

Unless you’re hard of hearing, listening shouldn’t be a problem, right? Wrong. The person who is naturally a good listener is very rare. But, who knows, maybe you’re a natural. Take the test and see how you do. P.S This form requires your email address to send results to. Your email address is safe with […]

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How to become an influential Stepmom

You’ve taken the test, now find out how you score and what you can do to make life easier for you as a stepmom.

If you haven’t already, complete the “Are you a people pleasing stepmom” quiz and check back here once you have your results. 

9 strategies for the stepmom having a hard time saying no

You’ve taken the test, now find out how you score and what you can do to make life easier for you as a stepmom.

If you haven’t already, complete the “Are you a people pleasing stepmom” quiz and check back here once you have your results. 

Stepmom Test: are you sabotaging yourself by never saying no?

91% of 688 stepmoms are chronic people pleasers. A Stepmom who knows how to say no and set boundaries are: Happier Appreciated More grateful Take the test…  

7 things you can do to turn your unhappy marriage around

The work of the lucky stepmom is truly appreciated and respected by her husband. But for many of you, your husband is overwhelmed with stress, unable to recognize you too are gasping for air.

I know this seems fatalistic, but I have good news for you.

This all gets easier the moment you stop considering divorce.

3 mistakes stepmoms make that lead to burnout

3 common mistakes that makes Stepmoms miserable

Of course, I wish we could be one big happy family where no one ever felt threatened by the existence of another, but my nose would start growing if I told you I would never behave badly if I were a BM dealing with a Stepmom.

Stepmoms: What to do instead of punishing your stepkids.

Even in the early stages of your relationship with a divorced Dad, you’re warned early and often “it’s not your job to punish the kids.”  Followed up with the unnecessary reminder “they’re not your kids.”   Yet, once you become a stepmom, you’re expected to contribute to the care and feeding of your stepchildren. And […]

For the Stepmom considering divorce.

In this moment, I know at least one of you is questioning if you’re cut out for life as a Stepmom. Thinking of calling it quits. Before you do, consider this.

7 simple actions you can take today to improve your marriage.

7 ways you can single-handedly improve your marriage.

With the astronomical divorce rate of 2nd marriages, we need a box full of tools to divorce proof our marriage. When we feel we’re at risk, many of us consider marriage counseling. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get buy-in from our spouse. Even when both partners agree to marriage counseling, the long term success […]

How to influence DH or the kids to do what you want.

As much as I want to sell you on the idea that I an a super hero with the power to changes others, I cannot.
Ok, that’s not exactly true. We do have the power to change others, but most of us are going about it all wrong. Why the following isn’t taught in schools, I do not know.

Make Art Not War

How to make nice with Biomom

Hooray for the rare humans that aren’t susceptible to the 7 deadly sins. I’m not one of them, and odds are your stepkids’ BM isn’t either. Here are 3 tips to improve your relationship with Biomom.

When BM won’t “force” the kids to visit Dad.

It amazes me how often clients tell me BM said the kids don’t want to go to Dad’s house this weekend, and she’s not going to force them to. My 4 year old doesn’t want his toe nails trimmed. I compassionately insist on it.

Why I don’t want my stepkids to call me mom.

On occasion, something I say upsets a client. I know this going into it, but my job is to make your life easier as a Stepmom, not to support existing beliefs that aren’t serving you well. The following is shared with permission.

How to change your husband, biomom and stepkids.

Yes, it’s possible to change others. The trick is to start with yourself and the rest have no choice but to follow.

What you need to know about your badly behaving stepchild.

When our stepchildren act out it’s because they want attention. I don’t know why wanting attention is often perceived as shameful. The need for attention is a basic human need. After all, as a child, we would literally die without attention. If we replace “attention” with “connection” it may be easier to empathize with them. […]

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