7 ways Stepmoms can singlehandedly improve their marriage

With the astronomical divorce rate of 2nd marriages, we need a box full of tools to divorce proof our marriage.

When we feel we’re at risk, many of us consider marriage counseling. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get buy-in from our spouse. Even when both partners agree to marriage counseling, the long term success rates for traditional marriage therapy are disappointingly low.

Don’t you fret. It may take 2 to have a good marriage, but it only takes 1 to improve a marriage.

With these 7 research backed strategies, YOU can singlehandedly improve your marriage today.


7 simple actions to singlehandedly improve your marriage. Written by Sue Howard @StepfamiliyLifeline.com


#1. Meet your basic physical needs.

* Insufficient sleep causes stress. Good sleep improves your mood.

* Omega 3 (fish oil) is shown to reduce pessimism and sadness by 50%.

* Learn to say no (think you already know how to? 91% of Stepmoms don’t. Take the test.)


#2. Stop personalizing their words.

* When someone judges you, they’re telling you they fear they’re not good enough. Not you.

* It is never about you. Everyone is too busy thinking about themselves to worry about you.


#3 . Stop blaming.

* Everyone’s first instinct is to blame others.

* Be evolved. Follow up by taking responsibility.


#4. Do something new together.

* When we have fun, we associate our joy with the person we did it with.

* Doing new activities together will rekindle the love you felt in the beginning


#5. Reduce emotional demands on spouse.

* One person cannot meet your every need.

* Connect with friends & family to spread the demand across a larger group.


#6. Express Gratitude

* Feeling grateful increases dopamine, the same way an anti-depressant does.

* Expressing gratitude prompts others to seek further connection with you.


#7. Share this post, and then have sex with your partner.

* Regular sex increase patience and decreases anger.

* Enjoyment from sex 3 times a week has been show to make us look 7 years younger.



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