When BM won’t “force” the kids to visit Dad.

It amazes me how often clients tell me BM said the kids don’t want to go to Dad’s house this weekend, and she’s not going to force them to.

My 4 year old doesn’t want his toe nails trimmed. I compassionately insist on it.

He also doesn’t want to brush his teeth. Again, I compassionately insist on it.

I’m willing to bet the Mom that says she’s not going to force her child to go to Dad’s wouldn’t allow her child to opt out of practicing good hygiene.

Time with Dad is just as necessary for the child’s well being as good hygiene, and if Mom isn’t listening, this is how you explain it to the child.

Do not allow another parent to interfere with your time with your children. Never bash the parent, just explain to the child you love them and need them to trust what you’re doing is in their best interest.

If the child has concerns with going to Dad’s, address them. Encourage your child to use their words and respect them enough to hear them.

Don’t be aggressive or bully your child or the Mom. Stand your ground with empathy.

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